About Louise

Born in Cilfnydd in the 1960s and, apart from a few years farming in West Wales, I am very much a South Wales girl. My childhood was typical of the area and the times, our parents seem totally consumed by their own life demands.

Determination and drive can evolve from such environments, and I thank my childhood for that. I recall of my parents, their un-fleeting attention to an immaculate dress sense and style, which has stayed in my mindset ever since.

I have always found myself drawn to the style and elegance of the iconic Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Onassis. Having always been interested in fashion, I won a House of Fraser fashion competition at the age of 12 but have always been nonconformist, preferring my own style to that of others.

In the last year, the planning of Miss De-Vyliers (MDV) fashion has been in the making. Trading primarily from social media, a loyal following has grown since early 2018. And now, the first Boutique has opened.

It is my passion and vision, that through the Miss De-Vyliers boutiques, to be able to dress a sophisticated look combined with affordability that opens up a revitalised wardrobe for all. My ambition is to make it a pleasure again to decide what today’s outfit will be...looking good, feeling good with style and elegance.

I am very excited that the first boutique is opening in my hometown of Pontyclun. The focus of my working life, post mother years, has been the financial world.

This has provided me with wonderful experiences and understanding of the successes and failures of many businesses, and I have been privileged to meet and experience many varied colleagues and clients whose foresight, drive and determination is inspirational.

With opening hours to suit everyone’s busy life demands, with fashion shows and more in the pipeline...look out for our loyalty schemes and of course, a premier client service.

I thank everyone who has helped me get this far in realising my passion - I look forward to sharing the journey with you all.